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John Salley to Help Launch TIDL Sport

Cannabis Advocate and Entrepreneur, John Salley joins The Anthos Group Vice President of Business Development.

Retired NBA Champion, cannabis advocate and entrepreneur has joined The Anthos Group. The first job for Salley will be to help launch TIDL Sport, a new brand focusing on athletes’ fitness relief and rehabilitation.

Having been a wellness and plant-based advocate over the past 15 years, I have come across many companies that are doing exciting things…The Anthos Group brings an aspect of innovation, very unique to the industry, and I could not be more excited to be a part of this venture to bring powerful products to the market that will bring value to consumers in their everyday life.

-John Salley

John Salley joins a long list of NBA athletes joining the Cannabis Industry. As the Cannabis policy changes throughout the world, athletes are creating companies, forming partnerships and creating unique offerings for Cannabis users from any background.

John Salley : John Salley, Retired NBA professional champion, was the first player to win a championship with three franchises and was the first player in the NBA to win a championship in three different decades. He’s passionate about health, wellness, nutrition and a vegan activist, promoting alternatives practices to massive factory farming.

The Anthos Group : The Anthos Group strives to deliver unparalleled experiences through powerful therapeutic products that are created from novel agricultural science and expert clinical guidance.

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