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Matt Barnes Joins Eaze as a Sr. Advisor

Matt Barnes joins ease as Sr. Advisor to its Board of Directors and Management to help with policy, social impact and industry relations.

Retired NBA legend, Cannabis Advocate, Podcaster and Megastar Matt Barnes is making headlines again within the cannabis industry, launching Eaze Social Equity Cannabis Business Incubator Nationally.

Matt Barnes is set to join Eaze as a Sr. Advisor to its board of directors and management, to help with policy, social impact and industry relations.

“I’m here to support real, tangible gains for Black and Brown entrepreneurs nationally through Eaze’s groundbreaking equity programs. There’s opportunity in growing infrastructures that lasts. It’s about understanding the market and the audience and building sustainable success. That’s the goal of Momentum. I want to help build because it’s the right thing to do, but it’s also the smart thing to do.”

Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes has been an integral contributor to the Cannabis Industry with a huge platform that will provide an opportunity to connect and directly impact his community.

“As an advocate and athlete, Matt changed the game by normalizing cannabis in professional sports and inspiring others to be authentic about their use of the plant. Matt’s vision aligns with our efforts to take these programs national, so I’m thrilled to welcome him as a Senior Advisor to our team.”

Ro Choy – CEO/ EAZE

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Matt Barnes : Matt Barnes is a retired Professional Basketball Player, playing in the NBA for 14 seasons, winning a championship with Golden State Warriors in his last season of 2017. Originally selected 46th overall, Matt Barnes quickly became known as a lockdown defender, infamously battling with the late great Kobe Bryant. Today he has his own podcast and is leading the charge in social equity, diversity and a push for normalization within the Cannabis industry.

Eaze : Eaze is California’s largest legal cannabis marketplace, providing a convenient customer experience, with an aim to break access barriers and cultivate a community. They have achieved over six million cannabis deliveries to date and are committed to creating a diverse, sustainable industry through their “Momentum Business Accelerator and Social Equity Programs”.

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