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Al Harrington Viola Splashes into Canada

Viola Brands has announced a strategic partnership between Viola Brands and Avicanna Inc.

Retired NBA Pro & Cannabis Entrepreneur Al Harrington splashes into Canada, announcing a strategic partnership between Viola Brands & Avicanna Inc., entering an intellectual property licensing royalty agreement.

With this partnership, Avicanna will manage the commercialization, distribution of Viola Branded Products in Canada. Their aim is to provide premium based products to the Canadian Cannabis Market.

“We’re so excited to announce the expansion of Viola’s mission and reach into Canada with the help of the Avicanna team…Their commitment to research and development of cannabis in the medical and pharmaceutical industries makes them the perfect biotech partner to bring Viola’s brand to our Northern neighbors, and we’re looking forward to the bright future ahead.”

-A Harrington

Al Harrington is ushering in a new wave of Athlete Entrepreneurs that are leading the charge in the Cannabis Industry. As he continues to push Cannabis forward, Al Harrington is focused on a greater vision, “Viola Cares”, an initiative focused on Social Equity, Education as well as providing greater employment to Black & other minority communities.

“The stigma is still so strong that the fact this is a growing industry that you can be a part of may still be hard to grasp…We’re trying to educate and bring people of color into the industry in a major way because of all these years on war on drugs, has pretty much destroyed these communities.”

-A Harrington

As Cannabis finds acceptance throughout the world, athletes like Al Harrington have taken a lead role, pushing for Education and spreading awareness within the athletic community. 

The trend towards normalizing cannabis is not specific to one country, Athletes around the world are taking part in a global SPORTS CANNABIS movement to end prohibition. Subscribe to our Newsletter Today to Stay Ahead of the Game.

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