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Break the Stigma

Athletes around the world have started to take part in a Global Sports Cannabis Movement.

Pro Rugby Player, Entrepreneur and Cannabis Advocate George Kruis teamed up with retired Pro Rugby Legend Dominic Day , creating FourFiveCBD. The company & product line was inspired by their pro rugby careers, in an effort to support athletes, their active lifestyles as well as push for awareness and Education.

“There’s a definite lack of knowledge but they’re not against it. If anything people are intrigued to find out more…There are four or five people in every club who are taking it – so it’s about creating a product everyone is happy to take and governing bodies are also happy with.”

-G Kruis

Kruis has played pro rugby for over 12 years, achieving over 45 caps for England during 2 World Cups and a British & Lions Tour. He was introduced to CBD by fellow teammate Dominic Day who was looking for a natural supplement to help manage symptoms from a long and strenuous career. 

“I think we need to instil knowledge in coaches and the unions. There’s obviously still a stigma around cannabis and we want to educate people about it.”

-D Day

Listen to our past interview with retired Pro Rugby Legend, Advocate & Co Founder of Four Five CBD Dominic Day today to learn more about everything they’ve achieved & continue to take on.

As Cannabis continues to find acceptance throughout the world, athletes like Kruis & Day have taken a lead role, pushing for Education and spreading awareness within the athletic community. The trend towards normalizing cannabis is not specific to one country, Athletes around the world are taking part in a global movement to end prohibition. Join the Sports Cannabis Movement to break the stigma.

George Kruis : George Kruis is a Professional Rugby Union Rugby player for the Panasonic Wild Knights. Kruis played for the Saracens from 2009-20 and signed with the Panasonic Wild Knights for the 2020’21 season. In October 22, 2014, Kruis was named in a 33-member England Performance Squad and made an international debit against New Zealand at Twickenham in November 08,2014. Playing at an elite level, constant training, travelling, coupled with injuries, Kruis started searching for natural modalities to provide a clean, organic solution to heal, recovery and get better sleep. Former teammate Dominic Day, who sustained multiple injuries, introduced Kruis to Cannabis as an alternative for injuries and to help with the long season. Today, George Kruis and Dominic Day have created FourFiveCBD, a premium line of products created for athletes of any level, aligning with top athletes throughout the sporting world to help amplify the CBD message alongside spread education and awareness.

FourFiveCBD : FourFiveCBD is inspired by their founders long rugby careers. George and Dominic have experienced leading a healthy and active lifestyle as an elite athlete, and have created a company to share what they have learned to the athletic world. Through exploration they have found CBD helped manage symptoms caused from their long bruising careers, connecting with CBD suppliers to design products tailored to support active individuals looking for a natural alternative. FourFiveCBD is confident in the purity of their products, giving clients direct access to the most recent third party lab tests on products in order to create a completely transparent product line.

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