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Cannabis Continues to Make Waves

Professional Surfer Billy Kemper is advocating for an organic, clean healing modality.

Cannabis continues to make WAVES throughout the sporting world. Athletes across the globe are breaking their silence to advocate for a plant that has had profound effects on their lives and loved ones. 

Pro Surfer, Big Wave World Tour Champion & Four Time Winner of the Peahi Challenge Bill Kemper has recently taken on the challenge to break the stigma as a Cannabis Advocate and ambassador for MedTerraCBD.  Billy was surrounded by surf legends growing up, eventually becoming one himself, surfing some of the biggest waves in history. He’s won countless contests throughout his career; 2017 XXL Ride of Year, 2018 Sunset Open & the 2018 WSL Big Wave World Tour.

During his last day in Morocco, a massive wave swallowed him up, leaving Kemper with devastating injuries and a long road to recovery. Billy sustained a cracked Pelvis, Collapsed Lung, Muscle Contusion on his quad and his ACL/MCL & Meniscus were torn on his knee. 

Years earlier his mother who was diagnosed with Stage Four Cancer & found relief from Cannabis;

“I added it to my mom’s daily routine. It didn’t save my mom’s life. But, it did help her. It put a smile on her face. It comforted her. It gave her an appetite. It brought positivity to her. That’s all I could ask for.”

-B Kemper

With an unstoppable confidence and the determination to persevere, Kemper fought his way back to recovery using CBD to help him overcome all odds and professing;

“CBD is now something I Live By…I am continuing to use it daily not only myself, but for everyone in my family. We are believers in CBD.”

-B Kemper

Everyone’s experience is unique, the important part is sharing it and using your voice to break the stigma. Join Athletes around the world taking part in a global sports cannabis movement to normalize the conversation and spark awareness. Subscribe Today!

MedTerraCBD : MedTerra CBD was started by a group of individuals passionate about the power of CBD products and believe CBD should be available to everyone in need of an option at an affordable price. MedTerraCBD believes in a family ethos and is fully compliant providing a true seed-to-sale purchase. Their industrial hemp is grown and extracted in accordance within the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. MedTerraCBD’s team of experts have dedicate their lives to industrial farming, food-grade compound extraction, vegetable genetics and quality control. Their hope is to ultimately remove the stigma associated with cannabis cultivation and educate the nation on the efficacy and sustainability of the natural occurring compound.

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