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Cycling, Recovery and CBD

Cyclists around the globe are pedalling for a greener future.

Cyclists around the globe are pedalling for a greener future and an ability to openly incorporate cbd into their training for recovery and relief. 

When retired pro cyclist Andrew Talansky decided to shift gears from cycling to triathlons he started using different muscle groups which hadn’t been active in years;

“I’m using muscles I haven’t used in years…My body is constantly inflamed”

-A Talanksy

Constantly inflamed, Andrew decided to change course from Ibuprofen, an alternative many athletes have resorted to, and chose CBD.

“I took it for a couple of weeks, and there was a noticeable difference immediately…And it wasn’t just that my hip was feeling better. I was less anxious, and I was sleeping better.”

-A Talanksy

Many athletes have been ditching ibuprofen for CBD to help with inflammation, anxiety, recovery and relief without having to worry about the side effects.

Andrew Talansky : Andrew Talansky is a retired Professional American Triathlete who’s competed for Garmin-Cervelo on the UCI World Tour, cycling’s highest road category. After joining the Garmin team in 2010 he quickly moved up to the Professional team in 2011, where he made the Top Ten at the 2011 Tour De Romandie. Shortly after he scored his professional victory in Europe at the Tour de l’Ain and was named Garmin’s lead rider for the 2012 Vuelta a Espana, finishing seventh on the general classifications. After many years of racing, he retired announcing via instagram. Today he’s using his platform to advocate for cannabis and has aligned with Floyds of Leadville to help promote for education and transparency.

Floyd’s of Leadville : Floyd’s of Leadville is a cannabis company created by retired legend Floyd Landis. Floyd’s story started as a professional cyclist, dealing with painful valleys, injuries and a constant grind in the saddle. After a thirty-five mile/per hour crash, resulting in a hip replacement, he began using the traditional pharmaceutical route, resorting to opioids -powerful drugs well documented to have detrimental side effects to manage pain. The heavy reliance on opioids ultimately lead to a downward spiral which had him searching a for a natural clean alternative to get back to normal life. After trying CBD, he was able to leave prescription meds behind, started a new life and took to the road to share his experience and provide a platform for other athletes to use their voice. Today he’s created a unique product line that aims to help individuals that suffer or experience physical discomfort, anxiety or depression. Floyd’s of Leadville has carefully developed a premium CBD product line that aims to help individuals and athletes get “back in the game”.

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