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Full-Court Press with Cookies

Retired NBA Legend Gary Payton a.k.a. The Glove officially has his own cannabis strain.

Retired NBA Legend, Hall Of Famer, Olympian, NBA Champion & Entrepreneur Gary Payton continues to make waves off the court inking a licensing deal with Cannabis Lifestyle Brand Cookies. The exclusive deal, which includes licensing of Gary Payton’s Name and Image, is part of a joint venture with Powerzzz Genetics (creator of strain). 

“Kenny & J just finished a pheno hunt with some of our new favorite crosses. We all sat down, as usual, and started to smoke through the new flower. The #20 stood out big time and naturally Kenny called it ‘That Gary Payton…Oddly enough, Gary and I had mutual friends who set up a meeting in Oakland. The vibe was right and we both decided to change the game together”

-Berner, Cookies Founder and CEO

Cookies was founded in 2012 by Berner, Bay Area Entrepreneur, and his partner Jigga, Bay Area cultivator and breeder.

With Cannabis making waves across the world, Athletes have an opportunity to partner with brands to create timely products & unique offerings. Subscribe the Sports Cannabis newsletter today (link in bio) to Stay UpToDate!

Gary Payton : Gary Payton is a former basketball player, best known for his 13-year tenure with the Seattle Super Sonics and holds the Seattle franchise records in points, assists, and steals and was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2013.

Cookies : Cookies began with two visionary founders, grow expert Jai and entrepreneur Berner. From the earliest days in a San Francisco garage to global growth, they have remained the same, with an emphasis on authenticity and innovative genetics. Their control of the entire experience from start to finish, seed to sale, sets them apart from the competition, taking pride in their in-house cultivation, global varieties and full lineup of strain specific products.

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