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Lifting Cannabis to New Heights

Icelandic World Deadlift Record Holder Thor Bjornsson has found the edge with CBD.

Icelandic World Deadlift Record Holder, Winner of Multiple Strong Man Competitions and actor from Game Of Thrones, Thor Bjornsson aka “the Mountain” has found the edge with CBD.

Outside of playing legendary roles, he was the first person to win the Arnold Classic, Europe’s Strongest Man and World’s Strongest Man ALL in the SAME YEAR. Dealing with a punishing schedule, continuous wear and tear on his body, he’s chosen CBD supplements.

“My body feels great. I feel like I’m able to recover faster, and even push harder during my workout sessions. So far, for me it’s been working wonders, I’m feeling better during and after my sessions”

-T Bjornsson

Constantly dealing with inflammation and pain he’s joined a CBD-Based Supplements company Champions+. Thor has endured an incredible career, getting older is just part of the process, and CBD is helping him stay in the game.

“Try CBD out and see if it works for you. I know it works for me.”

-T Bjornsson

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