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Pushing For a Green Future

Professional Skater and cannabis advocate David Hafsteinsson is pushing for a green future, sharing his story and the profound effect CBD has on his life.

Pro Skater & Cannabis Advocate David Hafsteinsson connected with Forbes magazine to share his experience with Opioids and the role CBD has played for recovery and relief.  Pushing for a green future, David Hafsteinsson launched CANNA HEMP X, with a focus on a non-intoxicating approach.  Today he’s partnered with Skate Legend Tony Hawk, launching “Birdhouse”, under CANNA HEMP X.  He’s positioned the line to be THC free, with an emphasis on education and changing the perception of Cannabis.

“There’s a huge opioid epidemic problem in the world right now and everyone is sort of scratching their heads thinking ‘ok, what are we gonna do about this?”

-D Hafsteinsson

David is not alone, athletes around the world are looking for non-addictive, natural alternatives to help their bodies during the grueling season.

“It’s a more of a holistic way for athletes to recover.”

-D Hafsteinsson

David’s journey with opioids started at the age of 13, after suffering a broken ankle, the doctors prescribed Codeine for his pain.

“My parents were from Iceland [recently moved to the U.S.] and they were like, ‘oh this is what the doctor gave us and this is what you’re supposed to take, so go ahead and take them,’ without any education whatsoever. And that’s how I kindu of got started into addiction…Back then they were prescribing the pills by the hundreds… After years of using them for recovery, it kind of took a toll on my life (not just my skating life, but my personal life) to the point where I was addicted to them.”

-D Hafsteinsson

David ultimately found CBD after he suffered a horrible Gallbladder Inflammation. His mother, a Cannabis advocate and the President of 1933 Industries came to his rescue introducing him to the compound.

“They told me I couldn’t use CBD, but she knew what was better for me so she gave it to me anyways and they discharged me within 24 hours. My gall bladder had reduced in size, my heartbeat was back to normal… The CBD kinda saved my life.”

-D Hafsteinsson

(*SC notes : the above does not constitute a medical recommendation, it is purely a personal experience & reference. Please consult your local Cannabis Clinics for more information & the best possible treatment plan)

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