Sports Cannabis News

Runners’ High

Today Athletes are openly advocating for cannabis, chatting about their experiences with CBD. How has Cannabis impacted your life?

Cannabidiol, widely referred to as CBD, has therapeutic properties that can help athletes recover from their workouts. It’s pain-relieving properties can relieve the tension on the body, while its mind-altering effects can assist certain athletes to push a little harder in the region when the exercise gets really rough. This may mean, for athletes, managing post-workout inflammation, reducing muscle strain, and managing dehydration from strenuous exercise.

“Cannabis has been shown to be good for pain control and can be useful while training at non-peak levels…Like a runner’s high, cannabis can help with endurance.”

-Harvard-trained physician and cannabis therapeutics specialist Jordan Tishler

Today athletes are opening up about alternative healing modalities that have helped them train, recover, reduce inflammation and more. 

Learn More about their journeys and take part in the global Sports Cannabis Movement;

CBD can help athletes strengthen their immune system, reduce stress and anxiety, speed up recovery, relieve pain, get better sleep as well as potential to reduce inflammation.

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