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Understanding the Science Behind Cananbis

Retired Professional Football teammates Rob Sims and Calvin Johnson join forced to tackle the Cannabis Industry.

Former NFL Players and Cannabis Advocates Calvin Johnson & Rob Sims believe in the “Science Potential” of the Cannabis Industry.

Johnson, who recently was voted into the PRO FOOTBALL HALL of FAME & Rob Sims joined together to create PRIMITIV, a cannabis company they hope will improve the quality of life for those in pain & provide an opportunity to break the stigma around Cannabis.

“This is our life’s work at this point…We’ve put a lot into this.”

-R Sims

Johnson & Sims saw the potential of Cannabis and relief it provided for pain management. The NFL and Leagues across the globe, historically have resorted to pain meds and cocktails of remedies that have adverse effects on athletes and their careers. They believe Cannabis is a safer alternative to painkillers.

“There are a lot of untold stories about this, and to be quite frank, a player is going to have to deal with pain either way it goes. There’s a safer way…What do you do when you’re done playing the game and you need painkillers and you can’t get them as easy as you could when you played? What do you do? What’s the answer for that?”

-C Johnson

The NFL has loosened its cannabis policy last season, eliminating suspension, shortening the test period to two weeks in the training camp and upping the amount of THC necessary for a positive test. This is a small victory in a global movement to destigmatize a plant that can provide support for athletes and individuals. 

Today Athletes, Individuals, and sporting organizations have an opportunity to spread awareness, educate and advocate for real change.Let’s hear your story; JOIN THE SPORTS CANNABIS MOVEMENT TODAY.

Calvin Johnson : Calvin Johnson is a retired Professional NFL Wide Receiver that played non seasons with the Detroit Lions. Nicknamed Megatron, he’s regarded as one of the greatest wide receivers of all time. His career highlights include three-time all Pro, six-time Pro Bowl Team, the leading receiver two years in a row 2011’12, held the title for most receptions ini 2012, co lead the NFL for receiving touchdowns ’08 and was recently voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Today he is advocating for cannabis on many levels, believing in the scientific potential of Cannabis and using his platform to push for education.

Rob Sims : Rob Sims is a retired Professional NFL Guard, drafted by the Seattle Seahawks and later joining the Detroit Lions. Rob Sims was named the 2013 recipient of the Detroit Lions/ Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association / Pro Football Writers Association’s Media-Friendly “Good Guy” award, which is given to the player that exhibits consideration and cooperation with the media at all times during the NFL season. He has since teamed up with former teammate Clavin Johnson, creating a unique company and product line that aims to provide a premium experience. Rob advocates for the science of Cannabis, using the company he’s co-founded to guide new and old users through the cannabis journey.

Primitiv : Primitiv is a cannabis research company dedicated to compassionately serving medical cannabis patients throughout the United States, including their home of Michigan. Founded by Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims, former Professional NFL athletes who suffered from the long-term physical effects of injuries sustained during their playing careers. Primitiv focuses on advancing cannabis research to study the health benefits of the plant.

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