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Tony Hawk Skates into Cannabis

Tony Hawk has aligned with other extreme athletes to share their journeys, the injuries, anxiety and strain, advocating for CBD, a clean healing modality.

As the CBD Market continues to flourish, athletes are looking to meaningful and strategic partnerships to help push the movement of CBD throughout the sporting world. Pro Skate Legend Tony Hawk skates into the CBD business via a licensing agreement with 1933 Industry Partners. 

“We’re excited to be a part of this new movement that is becoming more recognized as a healthy alternative to recovering from the aches and pains that we regularly incur in the action sports world. And we couldn’t be happier to join forces with Canna Hemp™, an established and trusted partner with an expertise in this market.”

-T Hawk

1933 Industry Partners aims to release several co-branded products, including a line of CBD recovery creams and lotions as well as hemp-only recovery creams and lotions.  These products represent the 1st collaboration between Tony Hawk and a CBD Wellness company. Over the past couple of years, athletes from across the world have reported huge benefits from CBD treatment, used as a tool for recovery, relief and rehabilitation.  

Tony Hawk has dealt with his fair share of injuries and alluded to using CBD creams as a way to fend off old age and speed up recovery time from brutal slams, noting in a post;

“I’ve never been much into sports/health/recovery products – perhaps to a fault – but I’ve been using this for the last six months and it has truly helped me to keep skating at top form (for a pro skater that’s old AF), especially after a recent significant ankle injury…It might not be your thing but it works for me”

-T Hawk

Today athletes are using their voice to talk about real life situations, their journeys and the pivotal role cannabis has played in their lives. Join the Sports Cannabis Movement. Share your Story and break the Stigma, Follow Sports Cannabis on Instagram.

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