Sports Cannabis Interviews

Dr. Mike Hart

Dr. Mike Hart, M.D. is a prominent doctor in the Medical Cannabis Industry.

Dr.Mike Hart joined Sports Cannabis for a podcast interview to discuss everything he’s taken on within the Cannabis industry and the initiatives he’s pushing to normalize the cannabis conversation on his platforms and featured on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

Dr.Mike Hart is a diehard sports fan and massive cannabis advocate, using his platform to educate and break the stigma. Today, he’s created ReadyToGo Clinic which can help any patient, athlete or individual looking to get more insight into medical cannabis and the therapeutic benefits.

Outside of advocating for cannabis on a number of platforms he’s also a medical ambassador with Athletes For Care and helping the athletic community with meaningful insight and support. Dr. Mike Hart has also co-authored an Amazon Best Seller “Friendly Fire : Why Vets are Lighting Up” and “Ditching Pills to Treat PTSD”.

Listen to his interview today;

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