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The Halftime Report with D-Rey

Sports Cannabis is Excited to Announce a New Show Hosted by former NCAA Champion, D-Rey.

NCAA Champion, TEDx speaker, entrepreneur, author and cannabis advocate, Darryl Reynolds a.k.a D-Rey is moving the Sports Cannabis conversation forward, pushing for change and normalization.

D-Rey played high school basketball for Lower Merion and was immediately recognized for his defense, rebounding, dominating the post and had an unstoppable offensive game with an ability to drain buckets at will. After making a name for himself at Lower Merion High School, Reynolds moved to Villanova, posting an amazing career and winning a NCAA Championship with the Wildcats in 2016. Shortly after graduating Villanova, D-Rey took his talents to the NBA summer league before heading to Poland to play Professional Basketball.

After sustaining a career ending injury D-Rey shifted his attention from basketball to helping others as a thought leader, writer, producer and cannabis advocate.  In late 2021, D-Rey released “What If the World Stopped Complaining About Mondays” which made waves across North America and today is a lead advocate for the Sports Cannabis community.

Looking forward, D-Rey sat down with Jay Morzaria to chat about cannabis, sports and the focus for 2022.

Jay Morzaria :

Early on you sustain a career ending injury.  Walk us through that moment.

D-Rey :

I’m playing pickup (basketball) -my first time working out, I had a terrible terrible first game and the second game -not as terrible, you know?… I go full, they go up and the guy he comes down (thinks he’s LeBron game six against seven, whatever, whatever the warriors) and he knocks me out the air. When I come down, I come down in a straight leg and my heel catches first and usually your foot will buckle. I got to be honest, I think I would have been better off if my Achilles had popped. I mean, thank God, that didn’t happen. But usually something will buckle. You know what I mean? My heel touched the ground, and the force was all absorbed by my knee. So I tore my ACL, also part of my PCL, and I’ve ripped my hamstring. It came off like your hamstrings, it’s like a rubber band around different parts. And it popped off, and caused nerve damage.

JM :

Today, you continue to make waves off the court as a mental health, cannabis advocate and released a book entitled; “What if the world stopped complaining about Mondays?”.  Talk to us about your release;

D-Rey :

Personally, I’m proud that I was able to finally able to finish my first book “What if the World Stopped Complaining about Mondays?”.  It gave me the opportunity to cover mental health, and share my journey with cannabis

JM :

Talk to us about Cannabis stigma.

D-Rey :

The stigma is rooted in the fear that weed is weed and there’s no grey area on the subject. The issue is that no one bothers to open their mind to how technology has empowered us to (at least start to) unlock the full potential of the cannabis plant. They also don’t question how the stigma started and how it was a political move, not one made for the betterment of people’s health.

JM :

What’s your weed focus for 2022?

D-Rey :

We need to ask and push the question out; How do the pharmaceutical companies move towards alternative medicine? We get it, there’s too much money being made for them to just pack up and walk away…but if they were to get behind natural remedies, it would take off like never before. And after helping fuel the opioid crisis, the world is at least owed that much.

JM :

Any final notes for our readers?

D-Rey :

“Know yourself: before you use anything, understand what works for you and your body. Cannabis only enhances or decreases what’s already there. Read the label: do your research on what buzzwords like “hybrid” mean. If you’re a naturally docile person and want to get your work in gear, indica isn’t for you. If you spend a ton of time in your head like I used to, you may want to take it easy with the sativa. The plant is the plant, it’s on the user to figure out which one is for them. It starts and ends with you: cannabis, like any other coping mechanism (sugar, alcohol) doesn’t fix anything. Do your work when you’re using the plant and when you’re not to see the best results.”

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