The Halftime Report

The HALFTIME REPORT with D-REY | Episode 03

Professional Long Driver, Jacob Golliday a.k.a. Jesus of Golf joined The Halftime Report hosted by Former NCAA Champion, D-Rey for a candid, infused conversation on Episode 03.
Host : D-Rey | Guest : Jacob Golliday a.k.a. Jesus of Golf | Production : Sports Cannabis

E. 03

Pro Golf Long Driver Jacob Golliday a.k.a. Jesus of Golf has found the edge with cannabis, rejuvenating his career after incorporating the plant into his routine. Jacob Golliday played college baseball before making the transition to long drive golf and started to use cannabis to help manage an injury. 

Today, he is an outspoken advocate pushing the cannabis golf movement forward. Outside of training all year for pro long drive tournaments, he’s spreading education about the profound effects CBD/Cannabis can play for recovery, relief and training.

In this conversation D-Rey and Jesus of Golf explore; Jacob’s athletic career, transition from baseball to long drive golf, infusing Cannabis and athletics, hitting the Green, team movements, a Halftime infused moment, highly enjoyable experiences, Partee Tour, education and the future of Cannabis and golf.


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