The Halftime Report


Retired MMA World Champion Ian McCall joined The Halftime Report hosted by former NCAA Champion, D-Rey for a candid, infused conversation on Episode 04.

Host : D-Rey | Guest : Ian McCall | Production : Sports Cannabis


Retired UFC/MMA Icon, World Champion, Cannabis/Psychedelic Advocate, Ian McCall is paving the path for athletes and patients outside of the octagon, fighting for change and using his platform to break the stigma.  Today Ian has dedicated his life to spreading education, moving Cannabis and Psychedelic research forward as well as creating unique content in an effort to provide a ripple of laughter, joy and humor to the Cannabis/Psychedelic conversation.

Cannabis and Psychedelics have been linked to the sporting world for decades, often shrouded in secrecy in fear of penalization, loss of sponsorship and an athletes ability to compete.  Despite pharmaceutical’s taking a stronghold on the sports industry, athletes have continued their search for clean alternatives without the detrimental side effects.

Ian McCall joined The Halftime Report with D-Rey powered by Sports Cannabis to talk about the healing potentials of cannabis, understanding microdosing, pushing Cannabis and Psychedelics to the forefront in the UFC as well as the initiatives he’s taking on to #BreaktheStigma.


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