The Halftime Report

The Halftime Report with Special Guest Rachael Rapinoe E.08

Rachael Rapinoe joined D Rey on the Halftime Report for a candid infused conversation, taking a deep dive into all things Sports Cannabis, Mendi and her Movement.

Retired professional soccer athlete and co-founder of Mendi, Rachael Rapinoe is leading the charge for athletes across North America using her platform to advocate for cannabis and normalize the conversation.

Rachael Rapinoe has set out to break stereotypes and lay a new basis for herself. Her vision is clear, create an unparalleled cannabis company and help athletes across the US. Growing up in a sports-focused household, Rapinoe had reservations about cannabis and did not use it during her professional soccer career. It was only after she walked away from the field, that she discovered the profound effects of CBD and the pivotal role it can play for athletes of all backgrounds. Today’s Rachael’s making an impact off the field with Mendi, a company focused on providing invaluable products for the athletic community as well as pushing educational initiatives to the forefront.

Rachael Rapinoe joined D Rey on the Halftime Report for a candid infused conversation to chat about Rachael’s professional athletic career, the cannabis pivot, mental health, education, Mendi, a Halftime moment, policy, normalization, Sports Cannabis News , women in weed, bridging the gap and everything she’s pushing forward to break the stigma.

Episode 08

Hosted by : D-Rey | Production by : Sports Cannabis Inc.  | Music : Dusty Waves, Lalinea

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