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Mayweather Stays Undefeated in 2021

Professional Boxer, Champion and Legend Floyd Mayweather stays undefeated taking on Cannabis in 2021.

Professional Boxer, Champion, Megastar, and Legend Floyd Mayweather continues to win outside of boxing.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather and longtime business partner Jas Mathur announced the launch of SmilzCBD, a full spectrum CBD brand on Instagram. 

Athletes are looking for clean alternatives to combat the rigours of an intense schedule, demanding hours and non-stop grind. For many boxers CBD Gummies can provide an opportunity to maximize performance, ease anxiety, help with pain and inflammation and improve sleep.

Together Floyd Mayweather and Jas Mathur have created an eco-conscious brand with an emphasis on sustainable farming practices. Floyd took to instagram to share more details and what products to expect.

“All of our Hemp and CBD oils come from the great state of Oregon. Their rich soil and sensible regulations make them a choice spot for hemp farming”

-Jas Mathur, CEO of Limitless

With Cannabis making waves across the world, Athletes have an opportunity to partner with brands to create timely products & unique offerings. Subscribe the Sports Cannabis newsletter today to Stay UpToDate!

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