Sports Cannabis Interviews

Riley Cote

Retired NHL Enforcer, Riley Cote joins Sports Cannabis for an interview to discuss the landscape of Cannabis, everything he's taking on and normalizing the Cannabis conversation.

Former Enforcer, Retired NHL Philadelphia Flyer and cannabis advocate Riley Cote is using his platform to spread awareness, educate and create change for Cannabis. Since retiring he’s committed his life to helping athletes transition to the next steps of their careers through a non profit organization he’s co-founded, Athletes For Care.

Riley Cote has a strong passion for the plant, talking about the profound effects its’ had on his life, the modalities he uses to achieve balance in life and pushing a for an open conversation to change the game. He’s founded the Hemp Heals Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cannabis/hemp as a viable renewable resource.

After years of wear and tear, pharmaceuticals, he’s on a pursuit to provide clean, natural Hemp Based CBD Products through BodyChek Wellness, a company he’s co-founded.

Listen to his interview today to learn more about his journey and everything Riley continues to take on to break the stigma and push the Sports Cannabis movement forward.

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